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  Welcome to Freedom Electrical Company

Freedom Electrical Company an emerging strong industry specialist with a focus on delivering technological expertise to its clients at very affordable costs without compromising quality or standards.

Freedom Electrical Company Ltd.offers tenancy upgrades in both commercial and industrial settings.

In addition to the above, the target and focus of Freedom Electrical Company Ltd.includes schools, airports, ferry terminals, hospitality, robotic assembly plants, and high-voltage sub-stations.

  Statement of Intent

Freedom Electrical Company committed to providing its customers with a high quality delivery of construction services, while maintaining an honest, professional and friendly business relationship.

Freedom Electrical Company Ltd.has its sights also on the international market and is well able, with the expertise in its command, to undertake such projects with uttermost efficiency.

With the modern marketplace saturated with product delivery experts, on any given project, the capacity of Freedom Electrical Company to engender and sustain a harmonious working environment. This quality sets the company as an industry team player “par excellence”, and has endeared Freedom Electrical Company its clients with regards to timely and most efficient delivery of products.

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