Freedom Electrical Company Ltd. is a registered corporation in the province of British Columbia, Canada, providing high level expertise in internals, business development, channel development and marketing of such high-tech products as high voltage substations and robotic assembly plants.

On the international front we seek to focus with much interest on the Caribbean and African markets with much passion. We will equip the local manpower infrastructure with sustainable training and development.

  Mission Statement

Freedom Electrical Company Ltd. is made up of a highly qualified team in the electrical industry. The company will deliver and ensure:

  • A highly qualified finished building product done in a timely and professional manner in commercial and industrial settings, including schools, hospitals, commercial tenancy and upgrades, airports and sea terminals.
  • A healthy and safe working environment for both employees and the community at large, without compromising its commitment to environmental and ethical standards.
  • On both the domestic and on the international front, establishing bridges to international relations and providing indigenous labour opportunities as well as hands- on exposure to high level technological expertise.

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